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Course Content and Enrollment

Re-Exam of Standard First Aid Certificate Course (RE)



  • Candidates with 1 or 2 parts failed in the examination can apply for re-examination once. A fee of HK$150 (1 part) and HK$250 (2 parts) will be charged. All re-examination should be taken within 6 months (from the date of the first examination).
  • Candidates with 3 or all parts failed are required to retake the whole first aid course. (Full fee will be charged)
  • Candidates only need to attend the class and exam session of related re-exam subject (no attendance requirement on revision class session)


Examination schedule of each subject for day course and night course:

Re-exam Subject Examination Time
Day Course Night Course
Written 14:00 19:00
CPR 14:00 19:00
Fracture Handling 15:00 20:00
Bleeding Handling 16:00 21:00



  1. For revision time of each subject, please refer to the schedule of each re-exam class.
  2. The above arrangement of Re-examination is not applicable to the course of “Integrated First Aid Certificate (Part-time)” (cooperated by Employees Retraining Board). Details will be notified to concerned students before completion of the course.
  3. Hong Kong Red Cross reserves all rights to make alternation on the above terms and acceptance of student enrollment.