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Course Content and Enrollment

Corporate Training Activities


The Hong Kong Red Cross has been providing training services to the public since 1977. At first, we started with offering first aid training for industrial workers, later extending to the public, business organizations and social welfare groups. In response to the industry’s requests, we expanded our service to health care training, pre-employment and post-vocational advanced training in 1996.


Nowadays, Hong Kongers have shown an increasing awareness of public safety, health, hygiene and infectious diseases. That is why we also reach out to the people from different sectors, including property management, charities, medical agencies and nursing homes. Meanwhile, the categories of training encompass infection control and community health, in addition to first aid and nursing care training.


Over the years, we have cooperated with various sectors and arranged a wide range of programs, e.g., courses, lectures, workshops and practices, for social welfare groups or business organizations based on their resources and targets. We offer flexible arrangements in training contents, venue, duration and forms to meet the particular needs of different organizations. Some courses also provide QF certification, or are recognized by the Social Welfare Department or the Hospital Authority. Our aim is to enhance the community’s concern for first aid and health, so that the mission of life protection, caring for the injured and underprivileged, and maintaining dignity can be extended to the wider society.

Our corporate training services cover :

Homes, Schools and Office First Aid
First aid Practice